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The topic

The first introduction

Can you imagine that it would take a human being about 181 million years to download all the data from the Internet? These large amounts of data that are available today, and the way they are processed, are called Big Data.

As you will see in this unit, we are confronted with this almost daily – often without our knowledge. You will learn about the advantages but also the dangers of Big Data and why correct handling of these large amounts of data is often more important than the data itself.

The practical relevance – For this you will need the knowledge and skills

Not only IT specialists, almost everyone encounters the so-called large amounts of data in everyday situations, such as when visiting a doctor, surfing social media like Facebook and Instagram, searching on google or in a networked vehicle.

Knowing how large amounts of data are used and what opportunities but also dangers are associated with this can be relevant both for your personal use of the Internet and for your professional life, perhaps in a company that analyses large amounts of data.

Learning objectives and competences at a glance

This learning unit gives you a basic understanding of Big Data. You will get to know the 3-V model and learn how large amounts of data are collected and analysed. You will then learn about the purposes for which the knowledge gained from the large amounts of data is used and the risks involved in handling it. You will see why data protection has become increasingly important in recent years and understand that handling Big Data poses major challenges for both companies and private individuals.

Learning Objectives

Understand and describe the term Big Data.

Know how to use Big Data.

Understand and explain how large amounts of data are collected and analysed.

Know what challenges and risks Big Data contains.

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