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Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) are the technological basis of Industry 4.0 or the Internet of Things. This involves the generation and evaluation of data in order to control and adapt processes in real time.

For this purpose, the physical world is combined with the digital world via a data network. This is done by connecting mechanical or electronic components with software or information technology components.

CPS is a supersystem of various subsystems. These subsystems include embedded systems, mechatronic concepts such as robots and network systems such as the Internet and cloud computing.

The most important technological building blocks and concepts for this are actuators, sensors, microcontrollers, modern data networks and system engineering.

CPS offers a range of modern application possibilities. These are of industrial (e.g. through smart factory concepts), social (e.g. in civil protection, defence, smart grid or transport) and individual benefit (e.g. through e-health or ambient assisted living).

The advantages of CPS are high efficiency, adaptability, work safety and cost savings. Disadvantages are susceptible technology, possible wrong decisions of the systems, the danger of hacking and the challenge to meet the data protection requirements in connection with such systems.

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