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IT security is a subarea of information security and means all protective measures in the processing and storage of data in an IT system – both in the private and corporate sector. This includes computer security, data protection, data backup and data security.

IT security depends heavily on current technological developments. Above all, it is necessary to react quickly in order to be able to offer appropriate countermeasures. There are three core protection objectives that must be met in all areas of operation:

confidentiality – integrity – availability

In order to achieve these protection goals, the core task of IT security is to identify weaknesses in systems and eliminate them accordingly. An actual threat in the sense of IT security is when an internal vulnerability meets an external threat.

Such a threat can be a deliberate attack to steal or manipulate data (e.g. with malware over the Internet or by physically breaking into the IT department of a company).

But an IT system can also be unintentionally threatened, for example, by a weak password or by natural disasters in which computer systems are damaged.

Making people aware of the correct handling of IT security, both privately and in companies, can already help. In addition, there is protection software, restrictive access controls and other IT security measures to minimize potential threats.

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